ACASI, CASI and CAPI Software Systems: Electronic Data Collecton for your Research Studies
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ACASI Software Sample QuestionsACASI: Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview Software

ACASI stands for
Audio Computer-Assisted

ACASI software systems are especially well suited for collecting sensitive data on topics such as alcohol and illegal drug use or risky sexual behavior. Sensitive topics could also include working conditions, child safety, teen pregnancy and much more.

ACASI Advantages:

  • Allows participants to privately answer sensitive personal questions on a computer with headphones
  • Eliminates data entry time and errors
  • Provides consistent questionnaire delivery — all questions will always be asked in the exact same way
  • Works well for patients with literacy issues

ACASI Features — Flexible and Convenient:

  • Works with either a mouse or a touch screen
  • Can be built with sections that are administered by the interviewer
  • Handles skip patterns automatically
  • Can be offered in multiple languages
  • Works for single or multi-site studies



For further information on how we can develop
a customized ACASI software, CASI software or CAPI software system for your research study,
contact Scott Sughrue at .